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Nano Towels 2019 Review: Can You Effectively Clean With Just Water?

Nano towels review: Is there a way to save a ton of money on cleaning products and paper towels while reducing household toxins and saving hundreds of trees every year?

The answer is YES.

Since everyone around me has at least mentioned Nano Towels in our conversations I decided to make a Nano towels review.

I quickly learned about the amazing environmental (and money-saving) benefits of Nano Towels and had to check it out for myself.

In this post, you’ll find what’s so special about these microfiber towels, whether they clean effectively, how they differ from “regular” microfiber towels and whether they’re worth the (small) investment.

*Make sure you don’t overpay –
See where is the best price online to buy Nano towels (It’s not amazon!)

What are Nano Towels?

Nano Towels may look like your ordinary kitchen counter cotton towel only it’s made from a unique new material.
The manufacturer claims this new material makes the new towels a “Two in One” product, as it can replace both paper towels and cleaning chemicals.

What Are Nano Towels Made of?

So they are called Nano Towels for a reason.

nano towels review kitchen hair

The “Nano” refers to the extra thin fibers assembling this new fabric called “Nanolon”
Since the fibers are so thin (compared to normal kitchen towels) they have a large ‘Surface Area’ and can absorb plenty of fluids per square inch.

It is also said that since the fibers are really thin they immediately attach to any form of a greasy or dusty layer without adding any cleaning materials. Only water.

If the new Towels works as promised it can bring great value to any Household.

Health Benefits of Nano Towels

When we use chemicals to clean the fridge, the Kitchen counter, the Pantry or any other surface that comes in contact with our food – we feed our families with chemicals.

If this new towel can even make you reduce the number of chemicals you use – It’s already a good reason to get one.

Money Saving Benefits of Nano Towels

The average American family uses nine Rolls of Paper Towel a month.

Paper roll average price is 3$

How much the average family spends on paper towels a year?
$3 X 9 rolls X 12 month = $ 324 / year

Saving this amount by buying a twenty-something dollar towel that spouse to last 2-3 years sounds pretty sweet.
* Don’t forget the money you will be saving not buying cleaners!

Environmental Benefits of Nano Towels

nano towels review kitchen trees
save 66 pounds of trees with Nano Towels

Nearly 4 billion trees are chopped down worldwide each year just for paper.

This is just outrages!

If one family eliminates paper towels for one year they can save:

66 pounds (30 kg) of trees / a year

580 gallons (2195 Liters) of water / a year

3 pounds (1.5 kg) of waste / a year

Not to mention the amount of chemical bleach, used to get those paper towels sparkling white, one family can save!

Are Nano Towels Safe to Use?

Cleaning without cleaners may sound very irresponsible to some.
In fact, I think it’s the biggest concern people have regarding Nano Towels.

My approach is –

“I would take invisible germs on my counter before invisible Chemical substance every day”

Our bodies have been dealing with germs for millions of years, while Chemical substance is relatively new to our immune system.

Manufacturer claims replacing the Chemical cleaners with the towels is a completely safe move.

They understand that it’s hard for some to accept and they offer:

  • 30-day in home risk-free trial
  • One year warranty

They sure seem to be confident about their product, wouldn’t you say?

Comparsion Table

What Can you Clean With Nano Towels?

nano towels review kitchen
Basically, all charts that otherwise require paper towels.

# Countertops

# Windows

# Shower Stalls

# Ovens

# Car in & out

# Wood Furniture

# Fridge Doors

# Computer Screens

# Glass Tables

# Fridge Shelves

# Phone Screens

# Taps

# Floors

# Lamps

# Blinds

# Mirrors

# Shelves

# Doors

# Tables

They sure seem to be confident about their product, wouldn’t you say?

Nano Towels Review: Do They Really Work?

After cleaning with Nano Towels for a week here is what I found:


# The water holding abilities on these towels are amazing.

# I used it to wipe off the dust from different surfaces and it did a great job!

# Dusting took me half the time it usually does.

# I barely used paper towels this week.

# My shower stalls NEVER looked that clean

# Cleaned my windows with no chemicals for the first time ever! Results were great.


# I still had to use paper towels for quick cleaning when the Nano towel was wet.

# Towel dye is coming out in the washing machine.

# The towels need to be kept dry and clean which means a bit extra work.

What do Other Users think about Nano Towels?

Nano towel review
Nano Towels

I went through tons of Nano towels reviews online.

Through my research, I found that the vast majority of people who wrote Nano towels review are happy & satisfied with Nano Towels.

Most people say Nano towels do the work as promised.

See dozens of real review on Amazon.

Nano Towels Vs Other Microfiber Towels

Absorption: Nano Towels can absorb a lot more than regular microfiber rugs.
What can take a few wipes to clean with regular rugs, will take fewer wipes with Nano Towel.

Price: Some microfiber towels are cheaper than Nano towels.
But it usually because regular microfiber towels are smaller in size – Calculate how much fabric you get per dollar.
Nano Towels are 14” square. Regular ones are usually 10-12” square.

Origin: Nano Towels are made in the U.S while regular microfiber rugs are usually
made in China. Nano towels are manufactured in Las-Vegas by “Life Miracle”

Warranty: Nano Towels promise 100% GUARANTEED WITH 1-YEAR WARRANTY


Now that you have all the info about Nano towels it’s up for you to decide. I have reached the conclusion that they are effective, safe, and make a good return for your money.

I highly recommend them.

Where to Buy Nano Towels And What To Consider

Those are the three most popular and cheap options I could find.

Water liberty is a brand that offers a lot of green and eco-friendly products. Not as famous as Amazon and Walmart, but offers the best price at the moment $19.95

Amazon offers the Nano towels for 24.90 and of course, the services only Amazon can provide as customer services, fast delivery, 1 Year warrenty and so on.

Walmart sells Nano Towels online for 24.99 (not including shipping fees)

If you are loyal to Amazon or Walmart you might want to buy it from them.

But the cheapest option is currently Water Liberty.

Thank you for reading my nano towels review!


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