How to Consume Less Home Electricity (Easily)

The average power consumption of  U.S. households is: 10,812 kWh a year which is $1368.36 (According to ‘eia’ ) Check the average in your state Generating electricity becomes “greener” every year. Countries around the world are moving towards renewable energy sources (Solar and Wind). Norway for example is world leader when it comes to clean energy. 97.9% of Norway’s power comes from renewable sources. Americans on the other hand, get only %15.4 of their power out of renewable. For more energy data visit this neat website The progress towards clean energy is very exciting and hope-fueling. But steal, generating electricity is causing  big damage to our plant. By lowering home electricity use we can help the environment and save some money.

Which Usage Consumes Most Home Electricity?

[infogram id=”home-electricity-uses-1h0r6rx1pm7w6ek” prefix=”dwi”]

Space Cooling (17.5%)

[infogram id=”space-coolinf-175-1h7v4pxgwq0j2k0″ prefix=”IzS”]

Water Heating (9.5%)

[infogram id=”water-heating-95-1h0n25d7yq8z6pe” prefix=”1rg”]

Lightning (9.2%)

[infogram id=”lightning-92-1hnq41nzmj1k63z” prefix=”WaH”]

Space heating (9.1%)

[infogram id=”space-heating-91-1h1749nevgpl2zj” prefix=”53V”]

Refrigerators and freezers (8.8%)

[infogram id=”refrigerators-and-freezers-88-1hmr6gk57r5z2nl” prefix=”CuO”]

General Tips

[infogram id=”general-tips-1hnp27z9mrry4gq” prefix=”gvH”] I hope this was helpful, thank you for reading


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