Why are You still using Laundry Detregents? 7 Smart Ones To Use Instead

The laundry detergents industry is a $61 billion industry worldwide!

The average American household washes 500 loads a year,
with detergents that are bad both for us and for the plant.

But most people don’t know or just don’t care.

If you do care,

Below are 7 Smart Green solutions (That also clean very well) to use instead.

What is a Detergent Exactly And How Does It Work?

Detergent belongs to a big group of chimicals called surfactants.

Surfactants have a unique feature enabling them to connect to both water molecules and oily molecules at the same time!

This ability is very efficent for cleaning!

For example, when a dirty shirt goes in the washing machine with a detergent – the detergent will immediately connect to the oily stains on the shirt.

Later when the washing begins, water will connect to the detergent
(that is already connected with the stain)  and all three of them will wash away.

Leaving the shirt stains free.

Detergent Vs. Regular Soap

Soaps and Detergent are actually a lot alike.

Regular soaps (Hand soap, shower soap etc.) have the same functionality as detergents:

Both are connecting water molecules with oily molecules.

The difference is detergents are made from petrochemicals (un-natural source).

And soaps are made from plant materials (natural source).

Why Are Detergents Bad For The Environment?

In developed countries, sewage water goes to a facility where they are being chemically cleaned.

However, In non-developed countries, this water will usually end up in the rivers and then in the oceans and lakes.

(lucky third world countries consume much less detergent)

But even if the water is being treated – not all the detergent leftovers are being biodegraded.

So why we don’t want detergents in our rivers and soils?

Because they destroy the Eco-system in rivers

  • High phosphate concentration in a body of water creates a state where algae thrive and all the other creatures die.

Because they harm the fishes skin

  • Just like detregents remove the oil or grease from a dirty shirt –  It removes a thin layer from the fish’s skin that supposes to protect them from bacteria and parasites.

Because detergents ruin soil structure

  • Some of the salts the detergents contain affect soil structure. making it less fertile in some cases, and in others killing the healthy bacteria that naturally grows in the soil.

Because detergents come from Mining 

  • The petrochemicals used to make the detergents come from earth-mining.
  • Mining has a destructive effect on the environment, it releases dangerous gases into the air, it hurts biodiversity and it pollutes water sources.
  • read more here.

Why are detergents Bad For Your Family Health?

Because They Contain carcinogen substances

1,4-Dioxene is a substance that can be found in many laundry supplies.
Take a look at what the FDA has to say about it.

Because They Are Bad To Breath

The emmisions coming out of the machine before and after washing contain substances that are bad for your family

Read what CBS news had to say about breathing the emmisions of detregents.

Why You Should Stop Using Laundry Detregents

Two Family Health Reasons:

  1. Detergents are bad for your family members skin.
  2. Detergents are Not healthy for your family to breathe.

Three Environmental Reasons:

  1. The detergents you use end up ruining our soils and rivers.
  2. Detergents are Packed in huge plastic battles, that you can’t recycle.
  3. Detergents are Derived from irresponsible-mining, not a cause worthy of your contribution.

Scroll down for 7 Eco-friendly solutions to use instead

What Can You Do To Help?

Minimize your weekly laundry loads

  • Try to only activate your washing machine when it’s completely full.
  • Don’t wash clothing if it’s not necessary.

Use less detergent per load

  • The amount recommended by the manufacturers is usually over the top.

Use an Eco-friendly detergent

  • There are some great products with minimum environmental impact to choose from.

How to Choose Your Eco-friendly Laundry Supply

Look at How much of the materials are natural / Bio-degradable 

  • This should be your main concern, how environment-friendly the product is.

Choose a product that will get your laundry clean.

  • If too many reviews say it doesn’t get the job done, it’s a waste of money.
  • The list I made below includes only products with great customer reviews.

Calculate the Price per load

  • Divide the general price by the number of loads written on the package.

Prefer Recyclable Packaging 

  • Will you be able to recycle the container once it’s finished?

Responsible for less Co2 emissions during delivery.

  • Know how “eco-friendly” the manufacturer really is.

Buy Small Packages

  • Take less space on the shelve.
  • Responsible for less Co2 emissions during delivery.

7 Eco-Friendly Supplies With No Damage To The Environment

Here is a list I made of 7 eco-friendly laundry supplies with minimum impact on the environment, that is also great for cleaning!

(No. 3 was my overall favorite)

1. Mrs. Meyer’s Laundry 4X Concentrated Detergent

Smart home detergent

“Best Cleaner”

  • Amazon price: $28.99
  • Price per load: $0.44/Load
  • 98% naturally derived
  • 68 loads per bottle
  • Performance (based on customer reviews): 4.5/5
  • Recyclable packaging: Yes
  • 50% post-consumer plastic
  • Package size: 9.3 inches (23 cm) tall

All In One

Mrs. Meyer’s concentrated solution is really an all in one.

Naturally Derived

It is 98% naturally derived and the reviewers on Amazon seemed to really love it (4.5/5).

Lavender or Lemon

This solution comes in 2 scents,
Lavender (0.44$/load)
Lemon ($0.57/load) 


The package is only 50% post-consumer plastic.

Read what others had to say about Mrs. Meyer’s Laundry Eco-friendly Detergent

2. Tide Porcelain Plant-based Laundry Detergent

“Halfway there”

  • Amazon Price: $14.52
  • Price per load: $0.45 per load
  • Detergent source: 65% bio-based
  • Loads per bottle: 32 loads
  • Performance (based on customer reviews): 4/5
  • Recyclable packaging: yes
  • Package made from recycled materials: no
  • Package size: 10 inches (26cm) tall

If you are a big fan of Tide and wish to just make a small environmental adjustment – this could be a good solution for you.

Tide eco-friendly version

65% bio-based (Not much compared to others)
Cost IS $0.45 per load (Which is also not that cheap)

Buy “Green” from big brands

I’m a big believer in buying “Green” products from big “Non-Green” companies – It makes them realize there is a market for eco-friendly products, so they shift resources towards that direction.

But if you wish to go full green on your laundry – choose a different product.

Read what others had to say about Tide Proclean eco-friendly Detergent

3. Method Laundry Detergent

“Best Over-All”

  • Amazon Price: $15.99
  • Price per load: $ 0.21
  • Detergent source: 95% bio-based
  • Loads per bottle: 75 loads
  • Performance (based on customer reviews): 4.5/5
  • Recyclable packaging: yes
  • Package made from recycled materials: 100% post-consumer plastic
  • Package size: 10 inches (26 cm) tall

Small container

The Method laundry fits 75 loads in a 10 inches battle.

Space efficent

It’s very space efficient, great for houses with small laundry rooms.

Decent price

With 95% bio-based sources and $0.21 per loads it’s definitely my overall favorite.

Read more about Method eco-friendly laundry supply 

4. Presto! (Amazon Brand)

  • Amazon Price: $19.99
  • Price per load: $0.37 per load
  • Detergent source: 96% bio-based
  • Loads per bottle: 53 Loads
  • Performance (based on customer reviews): 4 /5
  • Recyclable packaging: doesn’t say
  • Package made from recycled materials: yes
  • Package size: 12 inches (30 cm) tall

Amazon product

“Presto!” is a company established by Amazon for household cleaning materials.

Positive reviews

Their products seem to be getting pretty good reviews and the prices are competitive.


This detergent is 96% bio-based and is $0.37 per load

Read what others had to say about Presto! eco-friendly detergent

5. DanSoap All Natural Laundry Soap


  • Amazon Price: $16.99
  • Price per load: $0.48
  • Detergent source: 100% bio-based
  • Loads per bottle: 35 loads
  • Performance (based on customer reviews): 4.5/5
  • Recyclable packaging: yes
  • Package made from recycled materials: yes
  • Package size: 5.5 inches (14 cm) tall

DanSoap laundry supply is for whom who wishes to go full gas eco-friendly.

Not a detergent but a soap.

See here if you missed the difference between the two

100% bio-based

Package is recycled materials that can be recycled again.


5.5 inches tall for 35 loads (great for traveling)

Get this one if you live a ‘chemical free’ lifestyle.

Read what others had to say about DanSoap Laundry soap

6. Seventh Generation Natural 4X Concentrated Laundry Detergent

“Most Popular”

  • Amazon Price: $25.99
  • Price per load: $0.49
  • Detergent source: 96% bio-based
  • Loads per bottle: 53 Loads
  • Performance (based on customer reviews): 4/5
  • Recyclable packaging: yes
  • Package made from recycled materials: yes
  • Package size: 11.3 inches (28.7 cm) tall

Seventh Generation unscented is a very popular eco-friendly detergent.

Plantes based

96% bio-based and costs $0.49 per load

Great for parents

Great environmentally solution for those who look for a no-scent laundry supply (Great for babies clothes)

Read more about ‘seventh generation’ eco-friendly detergent

7. Green Clean Eco Washer Laundryls 

“Out of The Box”

  • Amazon Price: $17.99
  • Price per load as low as $0.018
  • Detergent source: 100% bio-based
  • Loads per bottle: up to 1000
  • Performance (based on customer reviews): 4/5
  • Recyclable packaging: doesn’t say
  • Package made from recycled materials: doesn’t say
  • Package size: 4 inches (10 cm) tall

This blue balls are filled with tiny natural ceramic bids.

Mechanical Cleaning

Cleaning process is based on mechanical cleaning and not chemical cleaning.


Some claim the Green Clean Eco Washer Laundry Balls do not really work and it’s the hot water doing all the work.

On the other hand, a big part of Amazon reviewers loves this product. (4/5 stars)

Long lasting

The balls are tiny, 100% bio-based and can last up to 1000 loads!


If you are willing to try something new, these balls are very cost effective.

Read more about the Eco Washer Laundry Balls

I hope you find this article helpful!

Feel free to leave a comment or share with others!

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