6 Substitute For Plastic Wrap For Dough

One question that keeps coming back from my readers is if I have a substitute for plastic wrap for dough?

Well, I am not much of a baker myself so I took the time to ask some friends of mine who bake what are some green alternatives to replacing the plastic wraps or foils while your dough is resting.

I ended up with 3 solutions you might have at home and another 3 that seem to work well and that I consider eco friendly.

(If you tried one of these solutions, or you have a different one please let me know in the comments below, thanks!)

What to look for in an eco friendly substitute

  • Look for a product that can be reused

  • Preferably a product that is biodegradable

  • Try finding a solution that can seal the dough well enough to not develop a crust

  • Find a product that is easy to use and will not consume too much time

3 substitute for a plastic wrap for dough (Eco friendly)

Biobag biodegradable bags

These bags look just like ordinary plastic bags but they are derived from plants and vegetable oils.

They have a few different types and sizes of products but this type also have a ziplock closing which is more convenient.

Some commenters said it’s not 100% sealed like traditional plastic bags, however, does a good enough job as a substitute for a plastic wrap for dough.

Beeswax wrapping

The wrapping stretches over the bowel just like a plastic foil would do.

Beeswax can be a great eco friendly substitute for plastic wrap for dough as it has good sealing qualities and it can protect the dough perfectly inside a ceramic or glass bowl.

Beeswax is a biodegradable eco friendly material with qualities similar to plastic as far as structure and flexibility.

The biggest plus about this substitute for the plastic wrap is that it’s reusable. Once you’re done, wash the beeswax with cold water and let it dry until next use.

Silicone stretch lids

Silicone lids are useful for more than just resting the dough, but people say they are great for that purpose.

All you have to do is choose the right bowl for the amount of dough you have, choose the right lid to stretch on the bowl walls and you’re set to go.

Silicone is not the most eco friendly material. However, it’s very durable so you can reuse it many times and for years to come.

Moreover, silicone is more eco friendly than plastics.

Plastic wrap substitutes you might have at home

Tea towels or old rugs

“The old fashion way”
This is how they used to do it before plastic bags were a thing and the bread was just fine so why not. Just get the rug moist before you cover the dough and maybe rest it in the fridge.

Shower hat

It sounds a bit weird, but some people say they just cover up the dough inside a bowl with a nylon shower hat and reuse it again and again. Works like a foil I guess, only reusable.

Inside the oven with a glass of boiled water

I read on several forums this method works quite well. You insert the dough (inside a bowl but uncovered) with a glass of boiled water into the not-running oven or microwave. The moist environment keeps the dough from developing a crust.

Final conclusion

So which solution is the best? It depends on what’s more important for you.

If what’s most important is the quality of the dough and that it doesn’t get crusty – go with the silicone stretch lids but know they are the least eco friendly option.

If using the most eco friendly option is what’s on your mind, I think you should give a chance to the beeswax wrapping.

Finally, if you are somewhere in between, maybe the biodegradable biobags will suit you best.

Hopefully, one of this solutions will serve you the next time you bake. If it does please let us all know in the comments below!

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