9 Great Tea bags Without Plastic (Microplastics free)

Unfortanatlly tea bags without plastic are not very common and most tea bags today are still maid with plastic. It is a very important issue as each teabag degrades overtime to give off small pieces of plastic known as “microplastics”. These get into rivers and seas and are consumed by animals and humans alike.

My personal favorite are these plastic-free tea bags by Teapigs on amazon

This article looks at the tea bags, both single use and reusable, without plastic and what your alternatives are to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

9 Quality tea bags without plastic

Tea is the most popular drink in the world with over 84 billion cups drank in the US alone each year. Many don’t even think about the environmental damage their tea cuppa causes. But with most tea bags being made and packed with plastic, the impact is very high given the quantities used.

1. Clipper everyday tea bags without plastic

80 bags $8.04

An everyday brand tops the list as they claim they were the first to produce tea bags without plastic. More than that each Clipper teabag is unbleached, organic, Fairtrade, plastic free and non GM.

The teabag is made from abaca, a form of banana plant with a natural adhesive to bond it together. It is great tasting tea and probably the most common teabag without plastic in the world. Be warned though, only Clipper string and tag tea bags are plastic free, the square bags are not yet.

What the reviews say?

An all-time classic. Clipper is adored around the world and now with it’s full set of ethical credentials it’s hard to see anything topping it.

2. Lipton Quality Black Tea

100 bags $7.76

A bit of a surprise addition to the list. These Lipton tea bags are made from hemp and cellulose fibres so are purely natural.

Lipton Tea is sustainably sourced and certified by the Rainforest Alliance so the tea itself is also ethically produced which is great news for the eco conscious green consumer!

It is also one of the easiest to find in shops and one of the cheapest too.

What the reviews say?

Most reviews regard this a solid, everyday tea. Pretty unspectacular but not bad. Not at the premium end of the market but a solid performer.

3. Twinings pyramid tea bags without plastic

48 Pyramids $44.65

It is easier to make pyramid shaped teabags without plastic than any other type as it is only bonded at the tip of the pyramid shape. Twinings pyramid tea was plastic free since its launch in 2014. 

However, each teabag does have a label that does have a thin layer of plastic on it and the inside of the packaging also has non-recyclable plastic so whilst the tea itself is plastic free the packaging is not.

What the reviews say?

5/5 Not hugely common in the US but an English classic and one that has legions of fans around the world.

4. Pukka

40 bags $9.47

Another big name makes this list as having teabags without plastic.

Pukka tea uses a simple fold and stitch method of sealing their bag and were the first to do so.

The teabags do come in a small envelope which contains a small amount of plastic.

Pukka though say it is so thin though that it can still be recycled with paper without caused any problems.

It is also organic and Fairtrade which is positive.

What the reviews say?

4.5/5 Great tea but some reviews point out it is Pukka Chamomile is actually “Golden Chamomile” which contains liquorice so watch out for that!

5. T2

25 bags $9.50

T2 recently made the switch to teabags without plastic after consumer pressure.

It is great to see a company responds to the upsurge in green consumers and they are now making teabags out of corn starch.

Like others though they do use plastic in the packaging so whilst the tea bag is plastic free, the box is not.

What the reviews say?

4.5/5, T2 is a well established brand and they know their market well. Very little to dislike in terms of flavour or production.

6. Teapigs

50 bags $18.88

Teapigs are a little unconventional but their plastic free teabags are some of the best around.

The teabags themselves are made of corn-starch, the strings, labels and all of the packaging is sustainably sourced and can be recycled.

There is very little to complain about here and they were the first teabag certified as being “Plastic Free”.

They are a little more expensive than others here but are one of the best so it is a tricky decision for the eco-friendly consumer.

What the reviews say?

4.5/5, Teapigs is relatively new to the US market but is taking it by storm with a lot of happy customers.

7. Loose Tea

Of course, you don’t have to buy teabags without plastic to enjoy plastic free tea.

You can always buy loose tea and put it through a strainer or put it into a reusable bag.

3.5oz Box $12.00

You will also want a good infuser like this,

Tea bags Without Plastic

2 Tea infuser $5.99

Or you can get reusable Cotton muslin tea bags you can fill yourself.

cotton Teabags Without Plastic

20 Bags $7.57

Loose tea is fresher and stronger tasting than bagged tea so you need less of it which makes it go further.

It also has undergone less processing and so less energy overall has been used to make it!

The thing to be careful with though is that loose tea often comes in plastic packaging. One that doesn’t though is T2.

Some stores let you fill your own bag with loose tea which is the best option but if not then T2 is a pretty good alternative.

What the reviews say?

4/5, T2 is very popular with many praising it’s unique flavour.

8. Make your own tea

Tea bags Without Plastic

Many teas can be grown or made by yourself.

Lemon and ginger, mint, chamomile, rose or a mixed blend can easily be made by steeping the ingredients in hot water.

You may even find new combinations to try and end up with your own unique brand. It’s easy, fun and about as eco friendly as you can get!

9.  Go Local!

Tea bags Without Plastic

There are lots of small independent tea producers making eco friendly tea at a small scale. It is usually much cheaper for small manufacturers to make teabags without plastic.

Have a look in your local area and see if you can find some. You will not only be helping the environment but you will be supporting your local shopkeepers and your local economy too!

Tea bags without plastic are not common enough

Plastic free tea is a tricky area but there are good options on this list.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers claim to still be working on developing plastic free teabags which is a poor excuse given how many plastic free ones already exist.

There is no new technology required, only copying what has been done already. As green consumers we should all choose the eco friendly ones when we can to show these companies what customers demand.

If you are struggling to choose from the list above, then you can’t go wrong with Teapigs if you can afford it or Clipper if you want something that is readily available.

Just check the one you choose is plastic free and, if you can, buy it in person to save the packaging and shipping.

One final tip

To keep your kitchen truley eco-friendly put your used teabags in the compost bin if you can as it has a lower environmental impact than sending it to landfill!

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