Is Microfiber Safe For Skin? Are There Any Dangers?

Microfiber cloths are well-known for their great cleaning capabilities on surfaces, cars, and glass (without any chemicals) but is microfiber safe for skin?

  • Can you use microfiber cloth to remove makeup?
  • Can you use it to dry your face skin?
  • Are there any downsides or health hazards for the skin?

Since these questions come up all the time, I decided to research the topic and here is what I discovered.

Microfiber cloths speacial for skin use

Microfibers for skin cleaning

Searching online, it turns out people use microfibers on the skin on a daily basis.

Many are using it as an after-shower face-towel saying “using the gentle cloth just feels cleaner that way”

I also read many women simply use it as a makeup removal cloth combined with hot water and say it does an amazing job removing the makeup entirely.

Others use it as the last step of makeup removing. After the cleansing balm, they dry their faces with the microfiber cloth.

Read this Reddit thread for more testimonials

Is microfiber safe for skin?

According to my research, the answer is yes.

I looked all over the internet and could not find any evidence of this material being unsafe for skin use. In fact, I saw almost only positive reviews and feedbacks when I searched: is microfiber safe for skin?

I can’t see any reason that it would be unsafe for the skin.

  • Microfibers are chemical free
  • In fact, if you use microfiber you can use less other chemicals make-up remover on your skin.
  • It’s used broadly by many women who claim to enjoy it daily, no reason it would be different in your case.

Other benefits of microfiber cloths

  • Microfibers are eco friendly since many women completely eliminate disposable cloths and chemicals from their lives since they started using microfiber
  • It’s economical, these rugs don’t cost much compared to other clothes
  • They are reusable and easy to clean and dry

What are microfibers exactly?

Microfibers are tiny nylon fibers with the ability to absorb an immense amount of fluids while picking up dust pieces and germs, that a cotton rag or a paper towel can never reach.

Just how tiny the fibers are?

They are the 1/100th of a human hair. And that makes them really good at cleaning.

Now I’m not a big fan of nylon products obviously, but the fact that this cloth replaces so many disposable paper towels, cleaning chemicals, and makeup removers make it earth friendly in my book.

What makes microfibers good cleaners?

The fact that the fibers are so thin lets them reach dust and oil particles that a cotton rug with thick fibers can only dream of.

Moreover, because the fibers are so thin, you have more fibers per square inch of cloth. And that’s why they can absorb a lot more than regular rugs.

is microfiber safe for skin? micro fibers image

4 microfibers speacial-made for skin care

Since ‘microfibers’ is a popular trendy name these days, many companies market their products as ‘microfibers’ but watch out, not every product is the real microfiber that you’re looking for.

There are dozens of brands on Amazon. I narrowed them down to a list of 4 affordable brands with real microfibers that got great buyer’s reviews.

1. Sinland Microfiber

6 pack
12″ x 12″

Sinland is a well-known brand and their microfiber face cloth are the most popular face cloth on Amazon. They come in white/grey/pink and do a great job removing makeup. Sinland draw claw dry fast and stay soft even after many washes.

2. Mojafiber

3 pack
12″ x 12″

This cloth by Mojafiber come in many colors and their buyers seem to love them and buy them over and over again. They are quick to dry, very durable and soft on the skin. The company also have a laundry ball that they recommend washing their cloths with to keep at maximum quality.

3. The rag company

5 pack
12″ x 12″

This is an excellent bundle, 5 extra soft microfiber rags to softly and gently wash your face or remove makeup with great ease. This product is what you call ‘split microfibers’ which means the fibers are even thinner on this cloth.

4. KinHwa makeup remover

6 pack
12″ x 12″

KinHwa cloths come in grey and white colors and you can also get a pack of 3 for just $9.99

They are suitable for any skin type, oily, sensitive or dry, and you can use them on your lips and eyes area with no worries.

Use this cloth to simply remove cosmetics from your face with just water, no chemicals.

I hope you find this post helpful and that you now understand the answer to the question is microfiber safe for skin? is yes.

If you tried one of these products or you want to recommend a different one, make sure to share it with the rest of us in the comments section!

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