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Omri Barmats


I believe excessive-consumerism is one of the biggest hazards to our plant's future, and if everyone would just slow-down and consume less it could be great. But as a realist, I also know it's almost impossible to change consuming-habits, epically in a consuming-based economy. This is why I defined my mission to raise awareness of green-consumerism other than fighting it and helping people make "greener" choices in their shopping cart. The Lessen is my online place for recommending green alternatives to everyday products and talking about green consumerism in general.

Jackie Brove

Writer / Green consumer

As a green consumer many times I feel choosing the right eco-friendly product can be a real hassle. Identifying the right earth-friendly brand, material, and budget that will also perform well can sometimes take me hours of research. And I know others face similar issues. thelessen.com is a place where I can share my researches of new environment-friendly products and make the process easier for other green consumers like myself.

Luna Cozlova


My passion is exploring different aspects of sustainability and green lifestyle from a critical point of view. Studying circular economy at Tampere University, Finland, I have a daily opportunity to do so. I believe in increasing environmental transparency and conscious consuming instead of blindly following eco-trends, and I'm eager to share my enthusiasm with thelessen.com readers.

Scott Thomson


Scott has a wide range of environmental experience. Having begun his career in the conservation industry following an environmental degree from the University of St Andrews. He has since progressed and has worked with private companies, NGO's and now works to embed sustainability in the higher education sector in the UK

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